MorOmega 236ml

MorOmega 236ml

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Part of the MorRange

MorOmega oil is another “must have” supplement that is a part of the Noxterra 3 Pillars of Supplementation Programme  

This is one of 3 main products that we ourselves use on a daily basis for all of our dogs, from puppy stage to senior stage.  

MorOmega is a highly potent, bioactive blend of fatty acids featuring high grade marine lipids. The Omega-3 especially the EPA and DHA components help support the body. Particularly where inflammation is present in the joints, skin and cardiovascular system. It can also be used as an additional support in other diseases and conditions. 

MorMove is particularly good for helping to maintain healthy joints, glossy coat, healthy skin and efficient brain function and development  

This product is very effective and as such has become the most popular supplement that we produce. It is used by the worldwide client base that is the Noxterra family 🐶 


2.5ml (Half teaspoon) per 10kg (22lb) of body weight 

Simply add to one meal, once a day

 Please read all labelling prior to administration